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This is how you teach a slut to take a good ass fucking!

I just love fucking @BabenBull’s tight ass like the slut she is …


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Probably my most popular video, I have no idea why lol


No1 wants Gangbanging!

My gorgeous slut No1 has a fantasy that I want to make real in 2013. She wants to be roughly gangbanged, used like the slut she is and left completely worn out.

It’s quite a challenging fantasy to fulfil, especially as she has some serious trust issues, understandably so when you consider what we’ll be doing to her.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to take things in steps, the first being recruiting and training up an assistant. I need someone I can rely on to not take things to far while she builds up her courage for more.

So, I’m looking for an apprentice of sorts. There’s a few requirements that you must meet, if this is going to happen, I want to make sure I get the right guys.

So, if you’d like to be considered, you’d better make sure you fit the following …

You need to be a reasonable age - You’ll need to be over 23 and under 44, no exceptions.

You need to be reasonably fit - You don’t need to be an adonis but if you can’t see your cock for your beer belly, just don’t bother applying.

You need to have a reasonable cut cock - There’s no need to have a huge cock (infact it’s a disadvantage), average will do but it must be cut, girth is good but definitely no foreskins!

You need to be intelligent - Rough fucking takes a lot of control and thought, I’m not looking for meatheads, just guys who are smart enough to realise that this is a game that in truth, she ultimately controls.

Finally - You being able to accommodate (your place/hotel) semi-regularly in the North Staffordshire area would be a big advantage.

So, if you fit the bill and want to be considered, email me at with a face, body and cock photo along with a bit about you and why you want to do this and maybe soon, you’ll be joining me in ruining my No1 slut!


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Still trying guys ;o)



The full video, She’s such a dirty little slut ….


i luv this video!!

We need to make more of these vids

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